Friday, September 1, 2017

Empty Nests

Several months ago I found this perfect nest on the ground at work. I made some perfect little eggs from paper clay and set the nest in my potted ivy plant by my front door.  Slowly, one by one the eggs have been disappearing. Now I have an empty nest. What I *think* is that one of the little girls in the apartments below me is allowed to venture up the stairs without her mom and the eggs were too irresistible for her little eyes and hands. Now, it's game on! I'm sure if her mom has found them, she has no idea where they came from and I'm not going to mention it. Trying to think of other irresistible "Littles Friendly" treasures I could leave in the nest for her to discover... ☺️
This experience also has me pondering on empty nests. My "little" is all grown and off on his own adventures now. He's good about visiting my nest, while he's off making his own. ❤️

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